Sustainable development

Why Rodier means Durability

For many years, sustainable development has been at the heart of Paysages Rodier’s decision-making process. We always try to combine the three pillars of sustainable development, which are economic development, social justice and environment preservation.

Environmental preservation:

In order to concretize their commitment and to demonstrate the efficiency and ease of use of several innovative techniques for rainwater management, Rodier has chosen to line up the landscape concept of their new offices while valorizing the environment.

 Water, soil, and air:

  • Enhancement of soil fertility
  • Use of mycorrhizae in order to use less water and phosphate-based fertilizers for plant upkeep
  • Use of plants that are dryness-resistant
  • Use of plants that are less sensitive to insects and diseases


  • Car pooling for employees
  • Reduced travelling
  • Support maintenance of our fleet and machinery


  • Use of plants that are naturally present in the environment

Residual material:

  • Management of construction waste: valorization, reclamation and recycling
  • Chipping and composting of plant debris


  • Enhancement of the living environment for residents

Here is an example of one of our practices intended to ensure a sustainable development: we recycle our concrete and wood wastes in order to reuse them for certain works.