At Paysages Rodier our customers and the environment comes first. We root all our standards and practices in preserving the earth’s natural resources for a positive environmental impact. As such, we are constantly researching and acquiring more efficient and sustainable practices.

For our clients

  • Proper maintenance of soil fertility
  • Use of mycorrhizae for enhanced water conservation and less phosphate-based fertilizers for plant upkeep
  • Use of drought-resistant plants
  • Use of disease and insect resistant plants
  • Use of local plants adapted to local climate condition
  • Management of construction waste: reclaim and recycle
  • Composting of waste chipping and plant debris
  • Recycling concrete and wood wastes for reuse
  • Designinggreen spaces to enrich life

For our employees

  • Carpooling for employees
  • Reduced travel time between sites
  • Regular maintenance of our fleet and machinery

Rainwater Harvesting

In order to demonstrate the efficiency and ease of several innovative techniques for rainwater management, Rodier incorporated several practises at their new office. The results are reduced water usage, an alternative source of water for beds, and a calming and inviting harmony added to a commercial space.

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