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With its ergonomic space, sharp lines, and contrasting materials this contemporary spa exudes a peaceful and serene elegance. The design allowed for wide steps providing seating for guests and entertaining, a crystalline pool, and an integrated a small yoga deck between the pool and fence, as well as an outdoor kitchen and hot tub bringing together all the elements needed for relaxing and hospitality. Located in Ste-Julie, the client desired a unique outdoor space that reflected her distinguished tastes, both in quality of workmanship and in visual effect.

May it serve as an inspiring example for your new landscaping project.


It all began with a vision.


Photo credit: Rodier

This homeowner, with a background in design, came to us with a wish-list of creative ideas. To both realise her vision and carry out the project from design to build, we brought together the best of customer service and quality craftsmanship. The result produced a peaceful and serene outdoor living area where the client could spend time hosting friends and family.

The new space was to have the sophistication of an urban spa while also providing the comfort and commodities such as a kitchen and dining area, to cook, entertain and relax in style.

An integral aspect of the project was ensuring the design included no lawn or paving stones to avoid dealing with weeding. A particular focus was the combination of concrete and wood, a  subtle nod to Japanese Zen gardens with a minimalist approach. A handcrafted fence would become a focal point, drawing the eye towards a view of an adjoining large park while at the same time providing privacy. Two retractable awnings were added to enhance the look of the back wall and provide shade. Sauvegarder


From Design to Done.

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The transformation began by removing the above ground pool, which involved draining the pool, tearing it down, and hauling it away. The lawn was physically removed with a mechanical digger and transported off site in order to install the new swimming pool and prepare the ground for the back deck.

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Gravel trenches around the perimeter of the pool were added to provide proper drainage,

critical for maintaining ground stabilization and extending the life of the pool. Gravel trenches prevent messy and unsightly mud puddles from forming and help preserve landscaping.

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The underpinning of the back deck depended on screw-piles as they are optimal for lightly loaded structures such as patios. Because minor excavation is required, screw-piles cause minimal disruption to an existing structure, and there are no excess soil cuttings to dispose of. Screw-piles are available from a number of manufacturers in a variety of configurations, including single and multi-helix lead sections with a variety of diameters, which allows considerable flexibility for a designer to select an appropriate geometry for a specific project to suit the soil stratigraphy.

A woven geotextile fabric was laid as an underlayer to suppress weed growth and to stabilize the ground before concrete was poured.

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The deck was built from Ipe wood, also called Brazilian walnut. Ipe is a beautiful exotic wood from South America perfect for building structures that are hard, strong, and naturally resistant to rot, abrasion, weather, and insects. Ipe is almost twice as dense as most woods and up to five times harder and can last up to fifty years. As an exotic lumber it can be a difficult to handle as Ipe is extremely dense and notoriously hard on tools, as well as difficult to glue and stain.  The work was performed carefully, over a longer time period than with more traditional wood choices such as cedar or treated wood. An oil specifically made for exotic woods was used instead of a stain.

The stairs were built wide so one could move freely all around the area, while also providing integrated seating.

Concrete was chosen to match the ceramic tiles already in place. The combination of warm and cool materials creates a peaceful sanctuary like feeling recalling the master calm of Zen.

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A landscaping lighting system was incorporated into the stairs which gives the space in a soft glow as the sun begins to set and adds drama, beauty and allure to the home exterior at night.

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Ipe is an extremely beautiful wood when treated. For this project an exotic wood oil was applied to enhance the reddish brown hue and create a warm tone. Wood oil also filters UV rays and delays the greying period.

A hot tub for hydrotherapy as a self-contained unit was added before finishing the structure for the deck/stairs. All components of the hot tub, including its plumbing and electrical system are contained within the hot tub cabinet. Later, a shade sail canopy was placed over the hot tub area to create a temporary option for greater shade without the use of a lot of hardware.

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To ensure the space as a personal oasis and a private space a new fence was custom designed and built. To duplicate the contrasting tones in concrete and wood a tasteful combination of cedar planks and two toned aluminum was used. The design provides privacy while allowing a view over the top of the adjoining lush green park. To ensure the highest standards in construction the fence was built entirely in a controlled environment, the Rodier workshop, before installation.

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To check off the wish-list items the design featured a custom outdoor kitchen to create a comfortable gathering place for guests. The clean lines harmoniously blend with the rest of the design project and allow for plenty of free flowing movement. Here again the combination of concrete and wood blend together seamlessly creating a harmonious visual transition from pool to table.


A relaxing oasis where the owners can always feel at home.


Photo credit: Raphael St-Laurent Pelletier

Once the design and build were complete, our client also had the peace of mind knowing that we offer total care and full-service maintenance on all work we have carried out including outdoor lighting, water features, patios, fences, gardens etc.

From design to build the project took seven months with most of the construction completed in September to December. The result is a space that captures your attention with its elegant simplicity. Sharp lines and contrasting materials draw your eye toward each beautifully executed detail, from the pool to the patio, the kitchen and the rest. Working closely with our client we were able to create a place where they could bask in the sun’s warm rays then dip into their crystal clear pool. An elegant place where they could cook, entertain, and relax in simple luxury, proving once again that when you invest in your outdoors, you invest in your lifestyle.

Change your outdoors. Change your life.

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