Project Description

An inviting archway

The main idea of the project was to create a welcoming garden in the frontyard for this property that extends over a length of 230ft on the street. The cedar hedge interspersed with brick columns, wrought iron and perennials plantings brings a dynamic closure in relation to the street. The large house required a treatment of the same scale for its landscaping. The columns constructed with the same material as the residence come to link this one to its garden. The vine-covered arch brings a majestic side, providing a closure while being inviting. The clients are gardening enthusiasts, which allowed us to offer abundant vegetation. The house was on an almost empty ground. We have created a generous environment to integrate the house into a cohesive whole. The use of conifers ensures the sustainability throughout the year. In combination with trees and perennial vegetation, we have an encompassing and colorful garden.

Location: Mont-St-Hilaire

*1st prize at the 2008 APPQ landscaping contest, in the « Inviting Driveways » category.