Project Description

Nice view and good wine

See this vineyard landscaping where plants spruces, slate stairs, and pool access give honour to the residence! The starting point of our design: the preservation of sight on the vineyard from the home was paramount. Additionally customers wanted to provide an amazing view of the house from the vineyard. Moreover the plants have been selected to meet this demand. The proposal of a central axis  oriented with the columns on the house was the guide for the design of the slate stone stairs and pool entry. The descent is appropriately oriented toward the vineyard  which invites us to assess the alignment of vines. Two spruces line the descent and serve as guardians of this magnificent view. In addition the voluntary simplicity plantations gives the noble title of master of the house to the vineyards.

The vineyards that you can see from the house are named Les Petits Cailloux.

Location : St-Paul-d’Abbotsford