Project Description

Black & white

Inside the home, the omnipresence of white, stainless steel and sober lines inspire calm and relaxation. Seeing the marked interest these clients have for such a contemporary atmosphere, it was natural to extend this decor to the outside landscaping.

A white, circular patio accentuated by heavy, black stairs was suggested. The circular arc that surrounds the patio offers occupants a zen area for relaxation. This shape, created with the collaboration of the home’s interior designer offers unique ambiance. The patio was defined with the integration of a stone retaining wall, holding the perimeter in place and blending with the ceramic. A stainless steel railing was designed and custom-made to highlight the avant-gardist flair of the patio.

The marriage of the three materials: porcelain tiles, stainless steel and natural stone adds esthetic value to the project on top of creating perfect fusion between the interior decor and the outside garden space.

Location: Saint-Hyacinthe