Project Description

Bright Red Accent

Modernized patrimonial house

This project is on a land where the house was built in 1922. It is considered heritage by the borough of Old Longueuil. The front of the house respects the original architecture while the back has undergone a major transformation with a more modern style. Our design proposal has therefore been made in transition between the more sober and classic front yard to more exploded style of the back yard.

Terraces and pool area

The concrete pool was existing at the time of our intervention. It has a classic shape in keeping with the original house. The pool underwent a facelift; its new dark-colored interior lining gives it a modern style and a mirror effect.

Large natural stone steps allow the users to circulate fluidly in all directions between the house and the terraces.

Large, light-colored square slabs have been installed for sidewalks and terraces. The chosen color gives a lot of light to the outdoor living spaces and contrasts with the dark steps and the pool.

Outdoor furniture

For outdoor furniture and accessories, red is in the spotlight. It is found on the cushions of armchairs, couches and deck chairs. The annual flower pots have received the same treatment. Red as the accent color was also found on the triangular shade sails overhead the seating area where a gas fireplace is the focal point

Mature vegetation

A mature vegetation offers a majestic background that highlights the entire landscape. A sitting area with two wooden armchairs is installed at the base of a large honey locust tree and brings relaxation.

Location: Longueuil