Project Description

Garden on the montainside

The most important feature of this residential landscape garden is the fact that it is located on a natural slope with mature tall trees. It is also this feature of the site that has charmed our clients. The chic façade of the residence fulfills its function of welcoming residents and guests. Its rather sober appearance hides an elaborate garden in the backyard.

Elements integrated in the project

This garden contains several elements desired by the occupants including a spa, a pool, a waterfall, a cedar sauna, a terrace and a shed for storing accessories. All these elements had to be integrated taking into account the pronounced topography and mature trees to keep.

Great durability

In a concern of great durability, all the hardscape surfaces (cut stones and paving stones) are cemented on concrete bases.

Vegetation enhancement and reuse of natural materials

We have added conifers to the existing vegetation that will eventually offer privacy all year round to this garden.  Some of the large stones found on the site during the excavation of the house and the pool have been reused to create a link with the present nature.

Location: Mont-St-Hilaire