Project Description

Hershey’s Brookside facility

For this recently renovated food factory, it was essential that landscaping should be attractive, easy care and especially facilitating cleanliness. To do so, designers opted for durable and suitable plants with great foliages, for all year long attract by structures and colors.

Wishing to create a perfect balance with modern architecture and facing materials in any season, the design team proposed an harmonious plant composition with colorful leaves and distinct textures, promoting structures and foliages rather than flowers.

Furthermore, the manager wanted to increase the employee’s terrace intimacy and highlight the building main entrance. They opted for a very discreet and safe glass fence that the Rodier’s team enhanced by an hydrangeas on stem alignment combined with different colour ground covers.

Thus, for a low maintenance arrangement, this garden provides a punchy style, organised, with an eye-catching look in any season.

Location: Saint-Hyacinthe