Project Description

Manoir Rouville-Campbell

A new pavilion for a century-old hotel

The main idea of ​​the project was to build the backyard of a new pavilion for this century-old hotel. For this pavilion dedicated to games and relaxation, we have created versatile outdoor spaces where can be organized many activities and receptions for groups of varying guest numbers.

A reflection of the architecture

We also wanted to reflect the Tudor-inspired architecture of the original building and the contemporary look of the new building in our proposal. The topography of the site has been completely redesigned to accommodate the multiple access levels planned by the architects. They wanted to lower the ground level to give an easy access to the swimming pool area and offer a breathtaking view from anywhere on the site. Everything has been built in a sustainable way.

A challenge of construction

First, the construction had to be done in two main phases related to the construction work for the building. We first prepared the granular foundations before the construction of the new pavilion, passing over the foundation of the future building. The construction of the stairs and walls to access the two floors required careful planning and advanced techniques of realization: concrete foundations under the frost level and fixed to those of the building, controlled embankment to stabilize the works over more than 4 meters high and installation of geogrids at the back of all the walls.

The shoreline: a constraint to be respected

A shoreline surrounds the site which we considered in our intervention. The swimming pool and its sidewalk, located in this flood zone, have been granted an acquired right. However, it was impossible to add or move existing ‘hard’ surfaces. All living areas were therefore shaped to fit this strip and the rest of the floodplain areas were filled with native vegetation. Finally, the constraint represented by the shoreline at the beginning became a unique element in the project by the vegetation that was integrated at the heart of the project.

Location: Mont-St-Hilaire