Does Landscaping Increase Home Value? Here Are 7 Upgrades That Do

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January 23, 2023
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The warmer weather is here and with it the desire to spend more time enjoying the outdoors. If you have to cancel travel plans, here’s something to consider: Investing that money into a landscaping project that can bring a better return on investment than indoor improvements and is also easier to pull off while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

Let’s take a look at 7 ways you can boost your home’s curb side appeal and value through landscaping.

1. Make sure your grass is greener: a beautiful lawn can increase your home value by up to 15%

Obviously, if your outdoor space includes a lawn, this is the first and easiest place to start. Did you know that a beautiful lawn can increase the value of your home by up to 15%?

Begin with standard lawn care such as making sure the grass is mowed regularly and adequately watered and fertilized to give you a dense green healthy lawn. Doing so also cuts down on insect invasions.

Another tip is to keep your lawn looking “sharp” with definitive edging along the driveways and mulch beds to enhance the look. Be sure to stay on top of weeds. They’ll compete with your healthy grass for nutrients and also cause an eyesore. Need help maintaining your lawn? We take care of the landscape we create for our client.

Photo credit : Rodier

Photo credit : Rodier

2. Invest in trees: they can increase your property’s value from 5 to 20%

According to several studies, trees can enhance your property’s value from anywhere between 5-20%. Furthermore, when your trees are properly placed, they will increase in value as they grow and mature. Another bonus, planting trees for optimal shade conditions on your property will help improve your energy bills in the summer.

3. Cast some light upon your landscaping: a lighting system can give you a 50% return on investment

Many studies have shown that a customized, well-designed landscaping lighting system can bring a return on investment of up to 50%.

Light up a walkway, cast soft light on hedges and plants. Make use of up-lighting, which casts light on walls to create a play of shadow and light. Well-placed lighting creates focal points in your yard, around your house and increases visual impact. Subtle lighting can also be used to enhance structural details and to create a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Photo credit : Houzz

Photo credit : Rodier

4. Live larger, live more outside: an indoor-outdoor transition improves the aesthetic value of your home

When you introduce a seamless indoor-outdoor transition, you bring light inside and create a closer connection with nature. Old or new, every house, with even a small plot of land, provides various interior-exterior connection opportunities.

The idea of creating a seamless indoor-outdoor transition is to enjoy a closer contact with the lush green landscaped gardens around the house which can be admired as much as possible, even when you’re inside.

A professional landscaper like Paysages Rodier will also handle hardscaping, or the ability to work with stone in order to create a flow from inside to outside through the choice of materials.

Natural greenery also provides excellent options for creating privacy for outdoor living spaces. Trees, shrubs and flower bushes can build beautiful living fences pleasing the eyes and allowing you to enjoy the outdoor space undisturbed.

With an indoor-outdoor living space to enjoy, you will spend more time outdoors and feel more connected to nature. Creating this space is a great investment and though costs can vary widely depending on the size of the project and materials used, the effects can be stunning while adding value to your home.

5. Get all decked out: add a deck and enjoy a return of around 75% on your investment

Decks are a terrific way to extend your home living area outdoors while adding value to your property. With the added eye appeal also comes a platform for your other backyard features as well as the perfect spot for grilling, sunbathing, and entertaining.

According to Remodeling Magazine, a 16′ x 20′ wood deck with stairs and railings runs an average of $13,333, but you’ll recoup $10,083 of that when it’s time to sell. That’s a return of almost 76%.

When you’re building a deck, make sure to include adequate lighting for the space, and also ensure you take all necessary precautions to protect the deck against premature decay.

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6. Build a complete and pretty well-placed patio and recoup as much as 67% on investment

An attractive patio allows you to creatively use extra space for fun outdoor activities such as family gatherings, parties, and cookouts. This not only allows you to spend quality time with friends and loved ones around the house but can also increase your home resale value due to its aesthetic appeal.

When asked to name the top 10 most attractive features people look for in a home, buyers often mention patios. In fact, most potential homebuyers admit that they would willingly buy a home at a premium if it had a beautiful patio.

The most appealing ones look like an extension of your home. Right angles convey a strong, sturdy look while soft or round angles help create a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Remember to plan space in your design for gardens or flower beds.

A simple 10′ x 10′ patio, grilling space with pavers and a fire pit combined with comfy furniture can recoup as much as 67% on investment. These types of outdoor projects have financial as well as emotional value as an outdoor living space that boosts family gatherings, while also providing a good return on investment.

7. Get a ROI of around 55% with an outdoor kitchen

Imagine prepping, cooking and eating your meals at home, alfresco-style. The ability to cook and dine in your backyard is just one of the benefits of outdoor kitchens, capturing the luxury of open-air dining in an obtainable way.

Outdoor kitchens can include external BBQs, kitchen worktops and even kitchen islands, a patio bar, and some relaxing lounge furniture to move your life and the party outside this summer.

An outdoor kitchen can cost from $10,000 to $50,000 to build, mostly because of installation costs of electric, gas and water lines. This also includes the following:

  • Materials (usually weather-safe wood or stainless steel)
  • Gas or charcoal grill
  • Storage space and furniture
  • Outdoor refrigerator

The return on investment varies for an outdoor kitchen, but you can expect to get a return of around 55%Factors such as where you live, the materials you use, the appliances you purchase and its overall presentation all affect the ROI.

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Ready to increase your home value with strategic, aesthetic landscaping upgrades?

Know what percentage of the market value of your property you want to invest

We all know budget is going to influence your decisions. Before investing, ask yourself what percentage of your home’s value are you willing to spend? Although there are several ways to make the calculations, it’s fair enough to think that a wise investment can easily represent 10% to 30% (or even more) of the market value of your property.

Hire a professional to get the most out of your landscaping investment

professional landscape designer is well worth the investment for any landscaping project.

They have the experience and skills to suggest the specific design elements which will help maximize the enjoyment and value of your property and allow you to make the most of your outdoor living space. Attention to detail and craftsmanship plus careful planning will speak to your specific needs, whether functional or aesthetic.

The installation of landscaping should also be left to the professionals to ensure proper construction ensuring years of enjoyment.

Let’s start your landscaping project

Now more than ever, it’s time to think outside the box, meaning think outside the home and consider the garden. Landscaping has a surprising impact on your home’s value. It all comes down to making a good first impression while also improving your standard of living in the home you already love.

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