Alba magnifika

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For this project, the idea was to design an intimate, classical and sustainable garden for a young family, by modulating the topography of the site to integrate the different living spaces demanded by the customers while preserving the maximum number of mature trees. The surrounding landscape served as a backdrop for creating an inviting, and comfortable garden dominated by white. A garden that will go through time.

When performing the work at the back and the sides of the property, we have planned a strategic sequence of steps. As the various parts of the project progressed, access to certain areas of the terrain became impractical for standard size machinery. Because of the unevenness and the presence of many steps on either sides of the steep terrain, it became impossible to pass. Also, we synchronized and coordinated all the other trades who did their work at the same time as ours.

At the time of planning and during the excavation work, we protected as many trees as possible. We also took care of the root network of those trees. We wanted to preserve this magnificent natural heritage which gives an enveloping atmosphere to the site. Also, this aspect of the project meets the strict regulatory requirements of the city.

In order to quickly respond to the customers’ need for privacy, we planted a 12-foot-high cedar hedge, which was exceptionally successful.

The monochrome plantation in white and green charmed the client completely! At its request, only the annual planting beds will punctuate the landscape with the trendy color of the year.

Location: Mont-St-Hilaire

* This project earned a 1st prize in the category «Faire pousser le temps» at the gala of APPQ 2017