Change era

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For this backyard, we have given a youthful air through the use of clean lines and contemporary materials. There was a lanscaping that had been there for thirty years and it needed an upgrade. The users of this garden can finally live and receive in their backyard by feeling all the vibrating energy which circulates in their new backyard.

Rather than starting from scratch, the idea was to draw the full potential of the existing elements to be preserved. The mature honey locust gave a beautiful canopy and the mature cedar hedge already offered privacy. New sidewalks were installed around the pool, but the existing concrete sidewalks first had to be stabilized with sprayed urethane foam. To give a more modern style, we proposed a smooth and pale-colored paving for the living spaces. Mature conifers have been pruned or removed in some cases and ornamental grasses have been added.

A retaining wall made of natural stones

The existing retaining wall collapsed. It had to support the higher ground weight at the rear and its useful life was over. Our proposal was to replace it with a large natural stone wall more suited to this situation. Vine was planted at the top and now covers the stones. With this vine, the wall feels like it has always been there.

A modern shed with green roof

On this property a shed was already installed, but its size and style no longer suited. Therefore, a new modern looking shed with rectilinear shapes has been proposed. Its dark wood clapboard refers to some of the colors present on the house. To make it a garden house entirely of its time, a green roof was added on top.

Location: St-Bruno-de-Montarville