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A colossal landscape for this contemporary house, built on a very steep site, using noble and durable materials

Guiding idea

The idea behind this complete project was to create a colossal landscape to support the presence of the contemporary style house, built on a very steep site, using noble and durable materials. We had to keep a chic, sober touch and that everything linked well to the natural aspect of this beautiful, wooded area.

A major challenge

Considering a total drop of 11 meters on wooded land, the organization of jobsite, the support of the different levels, the conservation of mature trees and the management of runoff water presented a high-caliber management challenge.

The forest is omnipresent on this residential land. She is the star and establishes herself as master of the place; it was therefore obvious to preserve the natural appearance of the site.

The noble materials used support and structure the living areas without overloading the space.

Some key elements:

  • Creation of living areas on platforms that are inviting, simple and spacious.
  • Well-articulated circulation allowing easy access to the different levels throughout the property, despite the significant difference in height.
  • Easy to maintain materials and plants.
  • Despite the extent of the intervention made to this property, we have the impression that everything is in its place, that this natural-looking development blends perfectly with the forest, as if it had always been part of it