Game Time

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A residential project where you have everything for the family including play areas and sports field

Customer Desires 

The client wanted to create several new spaces on his huge plot of land (garden pavilion, multifunctional sports field including tennis, skate park, ping-pong, basketball, children’s play area, trampoline, swing) to accompany the swimming pool, the waterfall and dining area. 

Spaces to move 

What undoubtedly sets this project apart is the integration of play and sports areas. Here we find installations that we would more often see in a public space, such as a park. The main advantage of having all this on your own land is being able to move physically without having to travel, thus optimizing our time. There is something for all ages. The little ones can enjoy the play module and the trampoline, there is a skateboard ramp for teenagers, as well as a tennis court, which transforms into an ice rink in winter, which benefits the whole family. 

Lounge area 

The idea behind the lounge area through this dream mega courtyard is to integrate a unique Zen-inspired central living area, which unites all the activity areas. The outdoor fireplace becomes the heart of the multifunctional garden. The integration of a magnificent water wall made of Corten steel creates a psychological division between the sports field and the relaxation areas, separating the spaces by an aesthetic, dynamic and translucent screen. 

The use of Corten steel is a judicious link with the stained wood cladding of the house. The stone of the fireplace recalls the same noble stone used throughout the property.