Rustic Chic Dwelling

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In relation with the house, the rustic chic style is what guided the design of this upscale residential garden built around a new home inserted in a mature woodland.
Mature trees

Many of the existing trees have been preserved, especially in the frontyard where we have bypassed them using broken lines for the driveway for which rustic-style pavers (like macadams) have been selected.

Outdoor living spaces

Comfortable outdoor living spaces with well-defined areas have been created to meet the needs of a family with young adults who like to receive guests and enjoy their garden.

Choice of materials

The concrete pavers for pedestrian surfaces are polished, which contrasts with the rustic pavers used in the driveway and gives a chic touch to those surfaces.

Points of view on the garden

From inside the house, we have an open view of the garden all year round, both frontyard and backyard. The glass fence that surrounds the pool promotes a clear view towards all the elements of the garden. Focal points were created in line with the main doors of the house (an assemblage of rocks with moss at the front and a small tree topped in a low wall at the back) to structure and rhythm the space.

Landscape lighting

In the evening, landscape lighting makes it possible to take full advantage of the outdoor living spaces and highlight the large mature trees.

Location : Saint-Hyacinthe