Tea time

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Residential backyard project where a romantic atmosphere specific to the English garden emerges

Objective of the project 

For this project, we were dealing with a dreamy and romantic client who wanted to completely transform her backyard to make it unique. Over the years, she had painstakingly collected magazine cutouts to create an inspiration album. The style of English gardens in the spotlight, we had to integrate an abundance of flowers (mainly pink), a swimming pool, an inviting and functional garden pavilion, a spa, a reading and meditation corner, while promoting privacy. 

Choice of materials and tailor-made creations 

The choice of materials and their installation were designed with priority given to durability and construction quality. 

 Everything has been designed and made to measure: 

  • Fences, arbor, curved banister, canopies, gazebo, shelf brackets, interior/exterior fireplace grill, wrought iron door handle appliques 
  •  Brick garden pavilion and its dome 
  •  Reclaimed cedar cabinet and slate countertop 
  •  Brick walls and gate 
  •  Composite Trellises and Fences 
  •  The antique mirror hanging on the dining room wall, which reflects the garden 
  •  Hand-cut natural stone sidewalks and terraces 

Inviting and intimate garden 

The intimacy and atmosphere that emerges inside the garden makes you stop and travel. The backyard is welcoming, intimate, exotic, and lends itself to welcoming guests at any time to stop time. In short, it is a precious and significant place, living up to the occupants’ greatest dreams and expectations.