Verde Lima

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The guiding principle of this project was to develop a friendly, timeless and luxurious garden for South American native clients who like to receive people.
A friendly outdoor living space

Everything has been done respecting the architecture and rustic-chic style of the house. The judicious integration of the lines and the choice of the materials of the exterior design reflect those of the house, so much so that it is difficult to distinguish the boundary between the residence and the exterior design. Customers wanted a functional garden, warm colors and clean lines. The outdoor living spaces are inviting, luxurious and comfortable.

A complete outdoor kitchen

The highlight of this project is without a doubt the outdoor kitchen. It includes a BBQ, a gas hob, a fridge, a sink and a host of practical storage. The wooden cabinets are covered with a very durable bright white Lapitec counter top. The guests sit on lime green benches arranged at the bar counter that ends this outdoor kitchen.

Bring the interior to the outside

In addition to the kitchen that offers all the luxury that could be found inside, a living room has been developed. This space is furnished with sectional sofas on which one can enjoy a gas fireplace. The double-sided gas fireplace also benefits from the dining table on the opposite side of the living room.

Multiple functions

In addition to the outdoor kitchen, dining space and outdoor lounge, the layout includes a host of features. It includes: a rest area with hammocks, a play area on the ground (soccer), a custom shed that merges with the fence that defines the land and a fireplace with a pizza oven.

Practical storage spaces were concealed through the concrete structures; moreover all the furniture of the terraces is stored under the upper landing, sheltered from bad weather.

Designed to last

What is not visible once the project is finished is that all the infrastructures of inert materials are made of concrete. This technique of concrete sub-structure makes a construction that will last in the very long term. Practically everything has been designed this way: sidewalks, terraces, retaining walls, copings for basement windows, columns and fireplace.

Location: Mont-St-Hilaire