When nature and luxury coexist

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High-end residential development where the large lot and house have undergone a complete transformation

A vast property to showcase 

From the start of the process for this project, we had to restore all the nobility to this vast property which had been abandoned for several years. We designed a sumptuous layout with contemporary, chic and refined lines to rediscover the intimacy of the premises and reinvigorate the site by recreating a plant-based and functional environment. The desired living areas included: swimming pool with swimming lane and beach, garden pavilion including bathroom, changing room, storage, mechanical room and dining area sheltered from the weather, complete and functional outdoor kitchen, relaxation areas, terrace with motorized roof and mosquito nets. We also managed to recover 25% of the land to make it a much-desired play area for children. 

 In order to revitalize the site, we have installed significant underground drainage infrastructure, allowing the evacuation of stagnant water from the rear part of the land towards the front ditch. Thus, we have favored the survival of the last remaining trees in addition to improving the arboreal heritage by planting more than fifty large trees. All the excavated soil was recovered and reused on the site itself to shape the terrain. Also, all the existing paving stones were recovered and reused in the new development. They represent approximately 40% of the final surfaces. 

A touch of construction 

For this large-scale project, in addition to developing the ground, we designed and took charge of the construction of a new custom-made garden pavilion and the renovation of the residence, including the exterior covering of the gymnasium and the addition from a flat roof to the terrace with motorized mosquito nets. In order to bring presence and uniformity to the project, we integrated imposing, rounded and custom-made beams, to unify all of the renovations to the residence. We also used the same architectural masonry found at the front of the residence on the renovated parts at the rear and on the pavilion. 

The decorative pine beams forming an «H» on the rear gable of the house were designed, installed and lit by our team to create a link with the architecture of our new garden pavilion. All the bulbs and several light fixtures on the house were replaced to soften the effect and standardize with the landscape lighting that was proposed. The layout is grandiose during the day but in the evening, the numerous spotlights installed in the garden offer us its complete splendor over 4 seasons.