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To maintain your curb appeal and property value, we provide residential or commercial landscape maintenance exclusively for our clients. Ensure your outdoor space stays in first class shape.

Services include:

Exclusively for clients with whom we have carried out a landscaping project, we offer a professional service to ensure the sustainability of their outdoor spaces.

  • Tree and bush trimming
  • Hedge trimming
  • Division and relocation of perennials
  • Planting of annuals and bulbs
  • Adding compost and cedar mulch
  • Opening and closing of grassy surfaces (topdressing, aeration)

Save time and energy

You’re happy with your beautiful landscape but may not have the time to maintain it. We’re happy to take care of the superb outdoor spaces we’ve created with you.

Thanks to your work, our property has become a safe haven close to nature, exactly the way we wanted it. It is a place where it is good to relax, and it fills us with joy and wonder each and every day.

Mrs. Vibien, Sainte-Julie

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